Math Remediation Program

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The NWR Math Department, would like to inform you of two exciting math programs available to your children designed to monitor student learning and respond when students experience difficulty in math. The two programs are the Study Hall Math Lab and the Math Learning Center.

The Study Hall Math Lab is designed for any student to receive help from a math teacher in their study hall periods 2,4,5,8. Math teachers have been assigned to a study hall each of those periods with the intent of assisting students who need supplemental help on their mathematical skills. The Study Hall Math Lab places the responsibility on the student to take advantage of this resource.

The Math Learning Center (MLC) is a peer tutoring program available periods 3 through 9 to help any student with their math skills. It is, however, specifically focused on the individualized remediation of skills from assessments. Math students who receive below a 70 on a test or below a 50 on a quiz are required to go over the assessment in the Math Learning Center with their peer tutors, in the Study Hall Math Lab with a math teacher, or they can just arrange a time to go over the assessment with their own math teacher. The purpose of this program is to focus on capturing students when they need help as determined by their performance on math quizzes and tests. Students will receive peer tutoring with a focus on the remediation of skills that were deficient as evidence by the assessment. Classroom math teachers will provide the peer tutors with the necessary materials for those students who are assigned to the Math Learning Center. The peer tutors are high-achieving mathematics students currently enrolled in Pre-Calculus or Calculus who have a genuine interest in helping other students with mathematics.

Peer tutoring is an instructional strategy that consists of pairing students together to learn or practice an academic task. Research has indicated that peer interaction can have a powerful influence on academic motivation and achievement. The research also suggests that socialization experiences that occur during peer tutoring can benefit both the tutor and tutee by motivating students to learn and increasing their social standing among peers.

It is important to note that remediation of the assessment is mandatory. Students must take advantage of any of these three options to receive homework credit from their math teacher for the completion of assessment items that need remediation.

What happens if a student fails to remediate their assessment as required by the teacher?
• If a student has not remediated the assessment within three days after receiving it, the student gets a warning and the parent will be notified.
• Students will then be required to participate in “working lunches” with a study hall math teacher until their work is completed.
• If after one week the assessment is not remediated, this will be considered as a “failure to follow school procedure” which will result in a detention as per the code of conduct.

A major responsibility of a professional learning community is responding to students who are experiencing difficulty in a timely manner with intervention and remediation programs that put in place at the school level. The Study Hall Math Lab and Math Learning Center are beginning steps in establishing a new paradigm in the type intervention and remediation programs available for students.

We ask your assistance to encourage your child to take advantage of the Study Hall Math Lab if they are in need of assistance with math. We also need your support if your child is assigned to remediate math skills as evidence by their performance on assessments. Research states that when all stakeholders within the school and community work together, a significant difference in academic achievement is the result. We look forward to your cooperation and involvement in this process.

If you have any questions about any of these programs please contact our Math department supervisor Mr. Jim Haupt at 908-362-8211 x 1126 or your child’s classroom math teacher.


NWR Math Department

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